New Comet C/2021 P4 (ATLAS)

August 31, 2021

With the MPEC 2021-Q42 issued on 21 August 2021, the discovery of a new Magn comet is announced. 19.4 identified by the ATLAS-HKO program (T05).

Luigi Sannino and Giulio Scarfì reported cometary activity in what was originally a NEOCP candidate, reporting 3" of coma condensed from images taken by the Iota Scorpii Observatory in La Spezia (mpc K78) on 11 August; other observers confirm the cometary nature of N.Paul, A.Aletti, J.D Armstrong. The new comet has been designated C/2021 P4 (ATLAS).

By Luigi Sannino
Associazione Astrofili Spezzini La Spezia, Italy