Handling of data under GDPR

Revised 2018 May 25

The new data protection regulation (GDPR) applies from May 25, 2018. It gives you as a member of the COBS an improved protection in handling personal data.

Here we make it clear how COBS manages and uses the personal information about you.

Use of personal data:

COBS processes and saves only personal information that is necessary for the business and communication with you as a member.

COBS uses your personal information for the following purposes:

  • send you information emails about your observations (if you apply to digest emails)
  • save your preferences to personalize functionality on the web page which is available after login.

We only save the information that is required according to the above. We never share your information with other organizations.

Your rights:

As a member you have the right to:

  • get access to your information
  • correct your information
  • delete your data
  • be forgotten

You can view your personal information in your profile.

Only persons responsible for observer registration and distribution of information have access to the data.

Contact the COBS staff if you have questions or want to change your information.