COBS - 1 month since announcement

June 24, 2010
It is 1 month since COBS was announced to public users.

COBS database

COBS database was announced to public on May 25, 2010

Here are some statistics of the first month:
We have 280 comets in the databse, from which 71 have been observed by COBS users.

We have 1371 observations stored in the database, from which 1286 are visual and  85 are CCD observations. The most observed comet is C/2004 Q2 (Machholz) with 198 observations reported.

We have 49 registered users from which 38 are active users. The most observations were sent by Alexandre Amorim  (523 observations).

As for the webpage statistics:
870 visitors have visited the COBS website in 1 month. The peak was reached on the day of the announcement with 193 visits. On average 25 people wisit the COBS website.

If we look at the visitor loyality we can se that more than 100 visitros which are returning to the COBS website.

As can be seen on the above image, COBS visitors are coming from all over the world. The most visitrost come from USA and Slovenia.

From the OS and web browser statistics we can see, that Firefox is the leading web browser, following by IExplorer, and that more than 90% of visitors are running on Windows (mostly XP).